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Rhythm & Root

The 90-Day Pain Free Period Method:
Explore the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and their fluctuating hormones.
Navigate the 10-Day Hormone Reset designed to help your mind, body and physical space get back to baseline.
Peak by learning how to easily nourish, move, and thrive throughout the month.
Exclusive Facebook Group: members only
Live Q&A Sessions
Bonus: Kicking Acne to the Curb
Bonus: Premenstrual Anxiety Hacks

Rhythm & Root Membership

We help you eliminate PMS in 90 days so you can have pain-free periods.
A membership site for women wanting to tap into the superpower of their hormonal rhythms. 

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Rhythm & Root

$33 / month
$330 / year (save 17%)
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What will I receive when I join this community?

You will have immediate access to the 90-Day Pain Free Period Method, the proven step-by-step program for exploring your body, navigating the 10-day hormone reset, working with the phases of your cycle and living a life full of pain free periods. You’ll be invited to the Facebook group for Rhythm & Root members only. This is our own little community and way for me and others to support your health journey. You will also have access to exclusive events: Live Q&A sessions where I answer all your burning questions and guest expert trainings.    

What is the format of the community?

The community and all of its resources are all online! You can access all of our valuable information and resources, including workshops and classes, anytime from anywhere. 

Is Rhythm & Root for me?

  • Do you struggle with painful periods?
  • Is PMS effecting your relationship to yourself or with others?
  • Are you interested in hiring a women’s health coach at an affordable price?
  • Are you trying to conceive?
  • Do you experience acne, bloating and fatigue?
  • Are you wanting to empower yourself with knowledge about your own body?
  • Do you thrive in a community of women who are committed to lifting each other up?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Rhythm & Root is the perfect place for you!

Do you offer refunds?

Your membership is billed monthly with no commitment, so you can cancel your membership at anytime.