Rhythm & Root

A membership site for women who want to optimize their lives by tapping into their individual power. 

What to Expect

Each month you’ll be sent a Rhythm Guide directly to your inbox with items to support each phase of your cycle. 
This monthly kit includes: 
  • Recipes specific for each phase of your menstrual cycle
  • 4 cycle syncing adventures 
  • A monthly ritual
  • Journaling prompts to help you dig deep to your roots and much more! 
You’ll also receive exclusive access to our ever-expanding library of workshops related to women’s health and wellness. Be on the lookout for some guest experts to make appearances as well! Additionally, you will receive community support via a private Facebook page where you can connect and share stories with other like-minded women. 
Are you interested in learning more about: 
  • Body literacy (including cycles and menstrual health)
  • Foods for supporting hormones
  • Tapping into ourselves and listening to our inner voices
  • Sex education and rekindling the spark with your partner
  • Endocrine disruptors and the impacts on your well-being
  • Fostering stronger emotional and physical relationships with your partner
We take a holistic approach in our exclusive community of women that is designed to encourage you along your individual journey.

Our Members

By being a member of this online community, you'll have exclusive access to the Rhythm & Root Facebook group, with daily discussion topics, regular Q&A chats, guest experts and the opportunity for group coaching sessions. Rhythm & Root is just getting started and as a beta group member,  you'll have the unique opportunity to help us establish our roots as we learn and grow. 

Tour the Site!

I understand that you might want to check out the site before making a commitment, so I've gotcha covered! 

You're in the right place if:

  • You want to live life to the fullest and with less self-doubt
  • You are a menstruating woman who wants to optimize your life.
  • You're open to new ideas and are coachable
  • You want to learn more about your body and receive valuable knowledge each month.
  • You suffer from foggy brain, a loss of creativity, PMS, a lack of sex drive, or inconsistent desire for physical exercise.
  • You are trying to conceive, or you have other hormone related concerns.



What if I don't have any knowledge about women's health?

That's totally OK! In fact, Rhythm & Root is a great place for you to start gaining knowledge about women's health, body literacy, and your menstrual cycles. 

Beta member...what's that?

Being a beta member means that you’ll be part of the exciting first group to experience all of the great information Rhythm & Root has to offer. Since we’re still new, you'll have the unique opportunity to help us establish our roots as we learn and grow. And for being part of this small, intimate group that helps us grow, you’ll have access to some great perks, such as
·     Discounted membership for life
·     Opportunities for 1:1 women's health coaching sessions
·     Input in the future of the program
·     A chance to set the tone for what we are creating here
As a beta group participant, you will see content being added as we go, and you will likely witness some hiccups here and there. And, hopefully, you will be up for giving feedback and recommendations as we look to grow the community! 

What is the format?

The community and all of its resources are all online! You can access all of our valuable information and resources (including workshops and classes) anytime from anywhere.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can choose for your membership to be billed monthly with no commitment, so you can cancel your membership at anytime. 

Ready to start living your most extraordinary life?