Rhythm & Root

Your answer to PMS.

A 3-month course designed to help you ditch PMS and period pain in just 90 days. 
"My head is so clear and my energy levels don't seem to be fluctuating like they normally do and I swear my skin is glowing lo. Not sure how that is possible after 5 days...
I'm very thankful for the eye opening experience. I am enjoying it so much"

What's Included?

The 90-Day Pain-Free Period Method where I walk you step by step through how to eliminate PMS and period pain in just 3 months.
Course workbooks and PDFs with each lesson to keep you on track.
Live group coaching calls where I answer all your personal period questions.
Access to our private Facebook group for community support and sharing your wins!
Guest expert trainings to level up your menstrual cycle knowledge.
"I woke up feeling so energized this morning and then out of no where my period started. I'm usually so lethargic and keeling over in pain when my period starts but it's the complete opposite now.
Ugh I didn't know pain free periods were possible until I joined the program.
Seriously thank you so much for your guidance"