Rhythm & Root

A community for women to discover their individual power and truths that lead to happier and more productive lives. 

Rhythm & Root

A monthly membership site for women who want to optimize their lives by tapping into their individual power. 

A Familiar Space

If you’re like most women out there, you’re juggling a lot. You may be experiencing emotional and physical changes that are overwhelming or confusing. You may be exploring where you fit into the world as a woman and how to embrace your menstrual cycle. You may be searching for ways to make fulfilling connections with others in and out of the workplace. You may feel like you’re lacking creativity and inspiration. You know something needs to change to reclaim the spiritual, emotional, and physical vibrancy that you desire and that you know you need to have to be the best version of you. Does this sound familiar? 

A New Way Toward a Better You

If this sounds like you, know you’re not alone. Knowing there are others out there feeling the same way you do can often be the first step in helping you reclaim your power, health, and feelings of worth. There is a community of women just like you ready to take the necessary steps to be emboldened to live their best lives. And it’s all happening in the Rhythm & Root online community.  

Borrow My Recipe

I'm sharing my magic menstrual cramp ease tea recipe right here for FREE. Just click the link below to download your copy in time for your next cycle. 

I'm Ginny!

I’m excited that you’re here, and I can’t wait to help you live your optimized life. I’m a women’s health coach focused on helping you embody your feminine truth and power through the holistic health and wellness approaches I share in my online community, Rhythm & Root. I also serve incredible women as they prepare for birth and postpartum as a doula in Asheville, NC. 
I am passionate about women’s health and the power of herbal remedies to support you in living a more productive, easeful, and happy life. For so many women, this is the magic key they’ve been looking for, and it’s my absolute pleasure to show them the tools they can use to support their innate super power as a woman. 
I look forward to working with you, and I’m excited about this new journey of self-discovery and self-actualization you’re embarking on!

A Community of Women Empowering Women

The Rhythm & Root community helps empowered women like you live the truths you were meant to live through sharing knowledge to enhance your mind, body, spirit, relationships, and more. We take a holistic approach in our exclusive community of women that is designed to encourage you along your journey. As a member of the community, you will have access to an extensive library of knowledge and resources on a variety of topics, including:
  • Body literacy (including cycles and menstrual health)
  • Foods for supporting hormones
  • Tapping into ourselves and listening to our inner voices
  • Sex education and rekindling the spark with your partner
  • Endocrine disruptors and the impacts on your well-being
  • Fostering stronger emotional and physical relationships with your partner
If you are ready to learn how to enhance your life, open to new ideas, and willing to commit to taking action, this community is for you. I’m ready to invest in you if you’re willing to invest in yourself. 

Why work with me?

"Ginny is a wealth of knowledge. She has a caring, intuitive, and holistic approach that shines throughout her offerings. I feel like I am being supported by a mentor, friend, and ally that truly understands female needs in a tangible way. I have already learned so much that can be applied to better my everyday life and can't wait to see what Ginny has in store next!"
Christine S.

Rhythm & Root Membership

I help women eliminate PMS in 90 days so they can have pain-free periods.